Problem: horizontal strips on images



I’ve got a problem with my Parrot Sequoia.
The problem is not for RGB images but for all monochrome images (The 4 spectral bands).
I have horizontal strips on almost every images and I would like to know why.
Maybe the phenomenom is a bit less existing on RED and REG bands but it depends on images.

I assume this problem is due to rolling shutter, but i’m not sure…
Could you explain me what is the origin of the problem and how could I solve it?

Here are some examples of images we obtain:

Thanks for your help!


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Hi @JBlefebvre

Please make sure to always share the original .tiff images and not some jpeg exports.
Could you reupload your raw images so the metadata can be read ?

I suspect a known problem that should have been fixed in latest releases. Which firmware are you using ?
What is the exposure time ?

Without the raw data it is hard to help you.




Ok, sorry, I am going to share original tiff images in the following zip file.
As you will see, the effect is particularly visible on the GREEN image. You can look at the top-right hand corner…

The exposure time on this image is: t= 0.0001846151 s
The ShutterSpeedValue is 0.000184615411100355
Software version: 1.4.1

Thank you for helping!

Sequoia Pics (5.1 MB)



Hi @JBlefebvre
As you can see here, the current firmware version 1.7.1

You should update your camera first and see how it effects the problem you are seeing.