Problem: horizontal strips on images


I’ve got a problem with my Parrot Sequoia.
The problem is not for RGB images but for all monochrome images (The 4 spectral bands).
I have horizontal strips on almost every images and I would like to know why.
Maybe the phenomenom is a bit less existing on RED and REG bands but it depends on images.

I assume this problem is due to rolling shutter, but i’m not sure…
Could you explain me what is the origin of the problem and how could I solve it?

Here are some examples of images we obtain:

Thanks for your help!


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Hi @JBlefebvre

Please make sure to always share the original .tiff images and not some jpeg exports.
Could you reupload your raw images so the metadata can be read ?

I suspect a known problem that should have been fixed in latest releases. Which firmware are you using ?
What is the exposure time ?

Without the raw data it is hard to help you.


Ok, sorry, I am going to share original tiff images in the following zip file.
As you will see, the effect is particularly visible on the GREEN image. You can look at the top-right hand corner…

The exposure time on this image is: t= 0.0001846151 s
The ShutterSpeedValue is 0.000184615411100355
Software version: 1.4.1

Thank you for helping!

Sequoia Pics (5.1 MB)

Hi @JBlefebvre
As you can see here, the current firmware version 1.7.1

You should update your camera first and see how it effects the problem you are seeing.


Okay, I’m going to try that and I will let you know if the problem is getting solved.