Product Hardware improvement from FLL team

I am the coach for a FIRST Lego League team. For their project this year they concepted a self watering flower pot. As they continued their research they discovered the Parrot Pot. We purchased one for them to use and learn about. They developed a unique product improvement, made the mods, and it is currently in operation. For full credit at their upcoming State tournament (14-Jan-2018) they need to share their idea, and they want to share it with Parrot to see if you all are able to put their idea into production. Sorry for short notice, I have been submitting on several Parrot websites in hope of connecting with the correct human. I have a video from their project presentation at their qualifying tournament if you would like to see what they have done so far.

Can someone help me contact a human? I would like to speak with a person, and see if I can get my team an opportunity to Skype with a Parrot product developer, or hardware expert.

would it help if I asked @JeromeBouvard for help directly?

Hi there!
Thanks for sharing your ideas with us :slight_smile: We would love to see the mod you made on the Parrot Pot!
Can you send me a link to the video?

Regarding putting the idea in production, this won’t be possible I am afraid -even if the idea is amazing-
Changing the industrial process of a manufactured product is really time and money consuming.


I completely understand, as I work in product development myself. I would like to give our team a chance to present to you all, and have you explain how your product development team would evaluate making the change. FLL team 3076 Chillicothe Xtreme Robotics Project Presentation on Google Drive

I also posted to You Tube, but not 100% sure you can see it. Project Video on YouTube