Python interface for Mambo and Bebop


I did push a user callback thread for the mambo vision today. it is working nicely. @awmt102. I’ll get the Bebop one going shortly (after grades are turned in, this one needed to be done today for another student).


Awesome. I haven’t had a chance to look at any of it recently and not sure if I will again this side of Christmas, but looking forward to getting back to it in the NY.


I use your recent exmpale about bebop but it doesn’t save any video. I thought that bebop save the video in their side isn’t it? Also I try to use VLC player in the window but there is only black screen.
Do you have any idea.
I also try to use the Awmt102’s work such as install the 3.1 or other stuff. Also still sometimes error show up about parsing. I checked the ping and port number it is ok. I see the how to use the VLC player in the youtube.
It is very weird.


I haven’t made a Bebop vision class yet. I verified that I could see the video using VLC using the new code but I haven’t made the class to load and save the video yet. It works on the Mambo and will be similar.


'It is right that use the "rtp://@:"
The thing is that VLC is only show the black. Ok I will see the mambo class part.


I try to do in linux and it is working…


Hello. I tried to run your pyparrot codes on python IDLE and shell, nothing happened. the program didn’t launch. I didn’t see error messages but only “RESTART” message appears. What would you do to run the codes? Thanks.


You should start by running the demo programs. It depends on if you have a mambo or a bebop but choose the right demo program and do python demoProgram and it should run. Make sure you connect to the wifi for the drone first.


Update: Video is now working in Bebop and Mambo!


I am using Windows 10 PC, and WSL Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
When I use sample code, the error below appear.
What is the problem, and what should I do?

$ python
trying to connect
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 16, in
success = mambo.connect(num_retries=3)
File “/mnt/d/Dropbox/code/Drone/pyparrot/”, line 287, in connect
connected = self.drone_connection.connect(num_retries)
File “/mnt/d/Dropbox/code/Drone/pyparrot/networking/”, line 130, in connect
zeroconf = Zeroconf()
File “/home/teru/anaconda3/lib/python3.6/site-packages/”, line 1696, in init
socket.inet_aton(_MDNS_ADDR) + socket.inet_aton(i))
OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument


You should post questions for pyparrot over on the GitHub for it. This is the parrot forum. With that said, it looks to me like you have a different version of zeroconf that I have been using as your error is in zeroconf and not in my code.


Hello CaptainSaavik , I am struggling to get the video streaming with Bepop 2. It is just giving me a black screen on VLC. Any help. Thanks


Move over to the GitHub issues board for pyparrot. This location is for regular parrot SDK questions.


Thanks for this valuable information.its really working. i am interested in python language. and this is great work.thanks for posting…:grinning: