Python SDK for Jumping Sumo

Product: Jumping Night
SDK platform: Linux/Python/Raspberry


I want to control a Jumping Sumo/Jumping Night device from a python program. This program will run on a raspberry Pi3.

I have read a lot of documentations and there are things which are not very clear for me.

First, i have successfully downloaded and compile this repository:

This repository contains a sample called JumpingSumoSample.

My first question is why does this SDK called AR-SDK ? Does AR stands for augmented reality ? If No, what does mean AR. I do not really know if i am working with the good SDK. The names of the sample (JumpingSumoSample) seems to be good, but there are a lot of other SDK declinaisons…

My second question is how can i work with python ? I planned this morning to write a python/c wrapper for, but i am wondering if an official wrapper was already writter by parrot ?



Yes, “AR” stands for Augmented Reality, but it’s a legacy thing from the “AR.Drone” (Parrot’s first consumer drone). This is the official SDK, no worry about that :wink:

There is no direct support for python bindings in the SDK. If you want to work in python, you have two choices:

  • Create a binding around libARController, which is the “high level” API to the SDK.
  • Use a third party SDK already written in Python. Some of them have been presented in this forum.