Question about the location_identifier

I am trying the API of flower power, but in the exmaple of Get Samples for Location, the location_identifier is

eg9dnEtyHy589153XXX, with this, I cannot get the sample.

So I just want to know that how can I get this parameter?

Thank you very much!

you have to use the SYNC api , and get the location_identifier in return
see the documentation

Yes, I have already tried this way, but it still has the error 5000, which is ‘The requested version of this message is not supported’, but I am pretty sure that the version of my flower power has been updated.

Hi Jin,
seems there is a typo in the doc :

GET must be

(version of the API is v2 and not v4)

Can you please test it ?

yes! v2 works! perfect!