Radiometric Calibration


Hi there.

I recently purchased a Sequoia.
I’ve used Sequoia before, which I rented, now I have my own.

I was always wondering about the radiometric calibration.

  1. What is it good for?
  2. When and why would I do a radiometric calibration?
  3. What is the best procedure for doing so?

Questions are because I’m uncertain wether or not I should perform a radiometric calibration or not.

Hope someone around here can shed some light.



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Hi Christian
It all depends on your application. Do you want / need your data to be absolute? Meaning do you need to compare results over time and space or do you need to know which part of your crop is healthier?
Nitrogen recommendations also need absolute data
Pressing the button ‘radiometric calibration’ in the web interface just takes the pictures. These pictures are then recognized by your processing software (e.g. Pix4D) as calibration pictures and used to assess the radiometric calibration of your camera.