Random Movement



I have implemented (in Android )an automated flight plan with the moveBy command. While it’s not that accurate it does the movement I wish for (around a certain position changing heading , approximating a circular movement whatsoever). The problem is that while testing outside ,at a random moment it started Literally Running towards the north. Is there a way to disable that?( I have my flag set to 0 and don’t use any GPS or whatsoever).

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I would love to learn more about the moveBy command myself. I didn’t realize it was supported on the Bebop.


Hi @bnbhehe,

Thanks for the report. We need to test that to see if this is a problem of the drone.
Are you sure that you’re not sending any wrong moveBy command?

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Tried again without changing anything with my code , It didn’t happen this time. Happened 2 times in a row though that time. I had it implemented by waiting on a moveByEnd() callback so i don’t know what might have been wrong.

Also when I say I don’t use any GPS i mean I don’t use any commands that make use of it (besides what’s done by default with the drone)

MOVEBYEND callback not received after repo sync

I’m seeing a similar behavior! It is working great but about 50% of the time (and maybe 100% of the time in dz) it does a random scary fast movement. Especially scary as we are indoors.