Receiving unknown Project/Class/Command ID from drone

I’m attempting to implement the ARSDK protocol in Python and logged some of the packets that I received. In each run, I notice several frames with a fixed class (26, 27 or 28) a command id of 0 and project incrementing by 1. Here are snippets of some runs (Project, Class, Command Id):
Run 1:
107, 28, 0
108, 28, 0,

186, 28, 0

Run 2:
231, 27, 0
232, 27, 0

0, 28, 0
1, 28, 0

I was unable to find any information regarding that here: Does anyone know what those are? Should I be doing something with them?

You can find my implementation here. The drone is correctly responding to PCMD commands and I’m receiving and displaying the frames correctly (in BGR for now :slight_smile:) so I’m not sure if I should care for those.