Reflectance Estimation for Multispec 4C


The Sequoia is a direct replacement for the Multispec 4C?
I have been able to calculate reflectance for Sequoia data using:!Au_f2CPYR0HD-DYszS5NTkXt-2kU2 and

However, I also want to process Multispec 4C data. I was told the process should be the same for the Sequoia and the Multispec 4C, however, some of the EXIF and XMP tags are different in both cameras.

Can anyone give me some brief info on how the processing of Multispec 4C reflectance differs from that of the Sequoia?


Dear @jeromeoc,

This forum is Sequoia-specific.

Sequoia improves on Airinov’s Multispec 4C in that the Sunshine sensor has four distinct bands and can therefore correct for changes light colour; whereas the Multispec 4C’s ambient light sensor cannot.

For processing data acquired with Multispec 4C you should seek advice from the manufacturer.