Restful API access to Drone Academy?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking for ways to access the flight data stored in the Drone Academy, preferably over restful JSON endpoint. I have seen there have been questions like this asked before (Accessing the Drone Academy and Get flight data) however neither of those questions have been “solved” as such.

I have seen that Flight Data Manager can log in directly to the Academy and pull the files so it must be possible, however I cannot find the source code on how that app does it so unless there is an undocumented endpoint somewhere my guess is that they somehow reverse engineered it by packet sniffing from the FreeFlight App.

The aim here is to create a webservice that people can use to upload their data files and run all kinds of stats. The personal aim here is to find an easy way to convert the files to GPX format so I can run them as GPS overlays in Garmin VIRB Edit.

Perhaps the most important thing to mention here is that I’m using a Mac, so I cannot easily run the Flight Data Manager software. There are also other data points I was to pull such as lifetime distance travelled, fastest speed, maximum altitude etc.

Any help, pointers in the right direction would be appreciated. If it helps I’m building this platform in PHP and if anyone wants to help me either build it or beta test it then please get in touch.


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I see it’s been three years and no answer to this yet.
I find it quite incredible – I’m now trying to sniff the HTTP calls of that Flight Data Manager software to try and get some answers.

Anybody had more luck?

So I’ve found a track: I think this is the endpoint

"" + flightID + "/details/"

Naturally you need to authenticate with a REST client in order to get out something from this.