Rolling-Spider-Node & NewDaVinci


The DaVinci education programs at Emerging Technology Advisors help democratize technology by delivering a high-quality, STEM-based learning program as part of, instead of in addition to, the public school curriculum. The goal is to spark an interest in innovation and technology in every student, regardless of socio-economic background, by providing it to every kid in every school everywhere.

The Node-Rolling-Spider Framework

DaVinci education program uses the amazing open-source Node-Rolling-Spider framework to program drones.

It is built upon Node.JS, which is really easy to deploy on any platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, and even a web browser !).

And here is the magic in action : live piloting of multiple minidrones, with a single computer !


I was wondering if you guys would provide help with getting the Node.JS library to take a picture and retrieve the picture from the Rolling Spider?


Yes we can :smile:
Our Protocol documentation has just been released and will be updated with BT protocols