Running AR Drone or Bebop in secure world

I want to run a secure app on ARDrone or Bebop drone. According to the specifications bebop hosts a Cortex-A9 processor whereas ARDrone 2.0 hosts a CortexA8 both of which support ARM’s Trustzone extensions, however after hours searching online i can’t find a bootloader online that let me boot into the secure world, or any mention of address ranges for ARM’s TZASC so not sure what is going on here…

Once completed i’ll open this framework for others so if anyone wants to deploy a secure service they can do so using the framework.

Furthermore is there any favorite software platform (arduopilot, paparazzi etc) for drone hacking on ardrone 2.0 or bebop. i.e. one with richest community, i am fairly new to this domain…

Any feedback on this is appreciated.