Running roscore outside SLAM Dunk module


By default the SLAM Dunk runs roscore on start. I would like to run roscore on a ground station. My setup is as follows,

  • SLAM Dunk connected to an embedded computer which runs Ubuntu 14 and
  • The embedded computer is connect to a ground station WiFi router
  • Both SLAM Dunk and Embedded computer are on a drone
  • Both Embedded computer and ground station should be able to access SLAM dunk topics

What is a feasible solution to get this setup workin, given that roscore is running on the ground staton laptop?


Hi there,

There is nothing stopping you from starting a roscore in several pcs connected to the same network.

You have to define one of them to be the rosmaster and make sure everyone knows the IP if the master and it should go smoothly.

I would advise you to go check on the ros wiki how to define the environment variables related to that.

I would also advise that you check the performance of your WiFi link if you plan to transmit videos through it, and perhaps set the master on the drone so that ros is less likely to get lost and crash your drone if the connection is unreliable.

Thanks for your reply. Now, I want to get point cloud from the SLAM Dunk to the onboard computer (all on drone). Then, I also want to visualize the data in Rviz on a laptop (ground station). Assuming there is a wifi router which I can connect the laptop and the onboard computer to, what is the best way to route the data from the SLAM DUNK to both onboard computer and ground station laptop?