SDK 3.9 for jumping minidrone models

A very newbie question: I’m thinking to buy a Jumping Minidrone to write code using your SDK. On your SDK main page is written:
"The SDK will help you connect, pilot, receive stream, save and download medias (photo and video), send and play autopilot flight plans and update your drone. You can use it on the Rolling Spider, Cargos, Jumping Sumo, Jumping Sumo Evos, Bebop Drone and Bebop 2."
I’d like to know if the SDK works only for the mentioned Jumping device (Sumo) or if it works also for the other Jumping Minidrone models (Night, Max) or if are there differences or limitations due to the used model.
What is the the best Jumping device for coding and why?


The “Jumping Sumo Evos” term refers to both the Jumping Race (Max / Tuk tuk) and the Jumping Night (Buzz, Diesel). The SDK works for all the Jumping drones :wink:

Here is a quick list of differences between Jumping Sumo, Jumping Race and Jumping Night drones (from a developer point of view):

  • Jumping Race is a Jumping Sumo with audio support (not yet available in the SDK, but “coming soon”), support for the BOOST animation, and support for the SpeedChanged event (the Race is the only jumping which can report its speed to the controller).
  • Jumping Night is a Jumping Sumo with audio support, and support for the headlights animations and commands.