Sdk always ask to install freeflight app to connect to skycontroller2 using usb cable


I want to use the sdk and skycontrolle2 to control the drone, I have used the example of skycontroller2 in the github: (I have added the following)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <usb-accessory manufacturer="Parrot" model="Skycontroller 2P" />
<usb-accessory manufacturer="Parrot" model="Skycontroller 2" />
<usb-accessory manufacturer="Parrot" model="Skycontroller" />


import com.parrot.arsdk.ardiscovery.UsbAccessoryActivity;
public class UsbAccessoryActivityImpl extends UsbAccessoryActivity
protected Class getBaseActivity() {
    return AppCompatActivity.class;


and when I connect the controller to my app it always ask me to install freeflight. and after installation of freeflight when I open my app it always redirect to freeflight and close my app.
any suggestions?