SDK for Jumping Sumo - Control left and right motor

Product: [Jumping Sumo/Jumping Night]
Use of libARController: [YES]
SDK platform: [Unix]


I have tried Unix JumpingSumoSample.c
This is great, i am able to control my Jumping Night drone with this program.

But, i only can move forward/backward, turn left/right with setPilotingPCMDTurn and setPilotingPCMDSpeed

What i want to do is to set separately left motor speed and right motor speed.

Is it possible ?


It is not possible with the sdk, sorry.

Is there an alternative way, without the sdk ? What should i use instead of the sdk ?

Let us know if you found anything :slight_smile:

I have also start looking into this, but did not found anything yet.

I read a few articles about sumo’s hardware.

My understanding is that the motors are controlled over i2c… so I guess that if you know their address and the command, you can replace the autopilot and control the motors yourself.

Too bad we don’t get an helping hand from Parrot to help us implement our own autopilot software.

I guess that they don’t want us to directly control the motors as you can damage the motors

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See these notes… I did not had time to test it