Sequoia Cam Trigger and SD card issues found

I have been working very closely with Linnar from for the really fast and stable camera trigger to be used with UAV flight controllers.
While testing back and forth we have come to a bottleneck that seems to be the SD card and to be more precise the stability of the card it self. Here are some things we found on our testing.

a. If anyone over wifi issues a delete command of a folder on the SD and powers the camera off before it actually finishes, it corrupts the card to read only mode. (best to NOT use the webapp delete since info on the file being deleted is not accurate.)

b. SD card Format Type and Allocation size. We were constantly getting to a point that we either not getting the trigger speed we wanted of the camera was busy either trying to find the SD card (on the webapp it was shown properly) or it was trying to switch from external to internal and was getting frozen and needed to be reboot. After all many tests we trying to format the card with SDcard Formater of Win10 format tool, we realized the card was being formated as FAT32 and 32kb allocation size. Switching setting on win10 to fat32 and default allocation size seems to has solved our issue and given us a stable trigger with a speed almsot as low as the 1.5s timelpse speed.

My Question is, why does the camera webapp does not have an SDcard format button that will properly format the sd card to the fastest read/write stable format it needs since so far i have not located and info related to the proper format of the sd card for this camera? Would it be possible to be implemented on a future update?

In addition to my previous message we noticed that even though we have tested maybe 10+ cards so far. We have “boots” on which the camera find the SD, but instantly goes to internal memory.
Even though it seems to find the SD and show it on the webapi if we listen on the PTP it says card name not found but on next boot, all might be find and triggers work on external and not internal. This doe not happen only using the external trigger, but also happens if we set on timelapse mode.
Any ideas on why this might be happening even though the software seems to show the card working ok?

Broken USB connector in sunshine sensor, it’s common with sequoia and its weird design

Have already soldered a new one

after many tests so far it seems on my case to be a combination of things. Brand new pcb USB has an issue and the card if moved slightly inside the slot can also change this state. Seems i have my work cutout for me and it time i ditch the USB cable and switch everything to proper JST GH connectors.

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