Sequoia Camera Phantom 3 Advanced Micasense


I have a Sequoia camera mounted on a Phantom 3 Advanced with integration kit and use the Atlas Flight, both Micasense.
My problem is that the Sequoia camera does not take photos or take them rarely, the Wifi link Sequoia is weak and unstable which causes problems in the configuration and during the flight the connection is lost causing it not to take the photos. Atlas Flight recognizes Sequoia camera.
Also using Pix4D capture app does not take photos either because it does not recognize the Sequoia camera.
Could you help me ??


Hi @rodrisfer
There is unfortunately not much we can do here, your problems seem to be either with Micasense and/or Pix4D.

The only thing we can say is that the Wifi being weak doesn’t prevent you from taking pictures. The wifi on Sequoia is for configuration only, its power and range are way smaller than Bebop’s one. We estimate it at 10m (30feet) so it is not meant to be used during flight (not like the streaming on a drone for example). Once the camera is properly configured and the acquisition is running, the connection with the camera can be lost without causing the acquisition to stop.

Regarding the Pix4D app, I suggest you ask them directly.

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hello rodrissfer hoping that you could solve this problem I also start in this merry areas when it’s okay I have a ji phantom 3 advanced and I would like to install the parrot sequoia like you but I do not know what support ideal to go up here you can help me thank you in advance


thankyou for the post