Sequoia Fails to begin continuous shooting


I am fitting a sequoia to an AgEagle wing where it should operate independently to the plane. I have powered it with a Fluxcharger. I have downloaded the latest update, calibrated the camera and sunshine meter, but it will not take continuous photos. It will only take manual single 5 image shots.
All lights on camera and sunshine monitor are green, clicked timelapse button but no go.
Could somebody point me in the right direction thanks.


Hi @Agaerial,
Welcome to this forum !
I’ve looked at the specs of your Fluxcharger and the output is below the required voltage output (recommended 5V @ 2.4A).
I suggest you chose another way to power your camera. The Parrot customer service webpage is fully of questions and answers about integration of Sequoia on different drones.

As this is a pretty standard customer service request, I suggest that you contact directly your distributor, the purpose of this forum being to discuss more ‘advanded’ topics.


Thanks for your reply and help. I did use an alternate power source with a BEC and that went some way to solving the problem of shutting down early. The overheating problem continued though and caused the camera to shut down after 13 minutes. (after reaching a processor temp of 84c with a room temp of 19 deg).
I have fitted a finned heat sink to the back of the Sequoia with thermal paste and glue and now the temp of processor and power module does stabilise at below 80 deg with no wind and with even a 45 deg temp wind (hot summer temp) it drops to below 75 deg while continuously shooting every 2 secs. I tested for this for over 30 min.


Hi @Agaerial
The Sequoia camera is not meant to be used while static, it has been designed to work on drones so when they’re flying they’re creating a sufficient air flow to cool down the camera.
Given your feedback, I understand that your problem is now solved.
I also suggest that you copy/paste your comments on the customer support forum so everyone can benefit from your findings.


Hello Agaerial. I am interest in you solution.
could you please be more specific about the BEC. I having the some problem with power supply
Did you did your own cable? how is the connection?. I will be very happy to se a picture of your
wiring. Thanks in avanzad