Sequoia for proximal sensing


we have a proximal sensing (mobile driving platform) application for the sequoia, but I can’t seem to find the focal length & sensor size information for calculating the FOV in function of the distance?

Thanks !

Hi Simon
You can find all the information you need on this page
Otherwise, the focal length of each of the objective lens and all useful information are tagged in the corresponding images (see image below for one of the single band sensor)

Hi, thanks for the reply

Can the focus be changed manually? Is 1.2 m distance from object too small?

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Hi Simon
Since the hyperfocal is bigger than the actual distance you want to use it for, then I would say that your images may be blurry.
Here is a sample picture in the green channel with the camera set à 1.2m. The result is actually pretty good. Note that this is not a full validation of what would happen in the field, it merely a check that nothing too serious is happening. (1.2 MB)

If you want to adjust the focus, then you need to remove the glue that is securing the focus. You just have to adjust the focus by rotating the lens in its holder.

Note that the warranty will be void if you do so

We can discuss your application in private message if you want.

Hi, thanks for this quick test. Looks indeed fine to me

How would I go about rotating the lenses to adjust the focal plane to a smaller distance? Should I remove some of the housing first? I haven’t been able to find any instructions on how to open up the Sequoia to do this.