Sequoia on Phantom 4


I am thinking of mounting the Sequoia on either Phantom 4 or Inspire 1(for which I found a Gimbal Solution).

So far according to my findings, I cannot control the camera settings from Ground.

I am now no longer sure, if I can use the Sequoia on these drones for planned flights! Does anyone have experience with this combination(s)?

My goal is to create orthomosaics!

Thanks and regards,

Hola, mira este enlace que te dejo:


Hi all,

I need urgent help with the Phantom 4 Pro +Parrot Sequoia

I have mounted the Sequoia camera on the Phantom 4 Pro drone. I took the images over a homogeneous bare soil surface, but the images have different light intensity. Especially when I processed the RGB images in Pix4DMapper to correct or balance the brightness, the orthophoto still came out really bad with different brightness. The NDVI from the multispectrals looks very bad even in regions where there shouldnt high NDVI values.

Is there any setting on the Sequoia that I can do to prevent capturing these poor quality images?