Sequoia+ Press Release

We are thrilled to share with you the press release of our new version of Sequoia: Sequoia+

PressRelease_ParrotSequoia _ENG_USA_DEF.pdf (1.7 MB)

Come and discover Parrot Sequoia+ at Commercial UAV Expo Europe / Booth #208.
10-12 April 2018 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Clement can you share more technical details on the difference between the Sequoia and Sequoia+ cameras?

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Hi clement,

I am interested in buying a Sequoia for a multi-spectral research project. The scope involves implementing a radiometric calibration pipeline and NDVI computation and comparison against ground truth data.
I have been trying to compare Sequoia against Sequoia +. Here is the document i found explaining that a calibrated reflectance target is not required anymore and Sequoia+ provides very close to absolute reflectance.

Here are a few questions i need help with before deciding which one to buy (i am getting a disco-pro bundle for the same price as Sequoia + and want to benefit from the deal, while still being able to get close to absolute reflectance):

  1. Is it the improved sun-shine sensor/SQ+ hardware which is providing the absolute reflectance?
  2. Is this benefit only available through Pix4D software? In that case it would apply to old Sequoia as well.
  3. Which sensor would you recommend if Pix4D is not being used for radiometric calibration. Would SQ+ still provide a close to absolute reflectance if a custom code is developed according to all the Application Notes and other documents/discussions on the implementation?

Thanks in advance.