Sequoia sensors


I tried to search for these answers but couldn’t find any info, I will continue to look for the information but hopefully someone here can assist me quicker.

• Are the sensor response functions provided for each spectral band/wavelength?

• Are DN to radiance calibration gain/offset coefficients provided?

• Can the frequency of multispectral image capture be controlled via the sensor or remotely from the control station?

Thank you

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Hi @J_Bird


Hello @clement.fallet,

your link to the sensor sensitivity aims only to an image of the filter functions.
Could you please share txt/csv/xlsx with the filter functions?

Would be great…

same topic

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Do you have the text/csv or excel file of the sensor sensitivity? Can I have a copy of it?
Thank you.


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I finally got an answer from parrot after annoying them again, but unfortunately the answer is very very sad:

Dear Florian,

We don’t have the curves available in any other format that the one from the datasheet.
It’s a complete curve, you can extract it from the datasheet if you need it, it’s not just an illustration.

Parrot Support

Sorry, but that’s really frustrating!
Why parrot didn’t just say: “We don’t want to give you that information!”

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