Sequoia skips a large number of photos, only to restart image capture later?


Recently we attempted to capture some imagery with our Sequoia camera using the Atlas app. The Sequoia is attached to our DJI Phantom 3 Professional with the MicaSense integration kit designed for that purpose. However, we’ve had a number of issues. This is issue 3 of 3.

I’m rather desperate to get this camera operational as the area we are trying to photograph is about to be destroyed by construction work, and after 1.5 weeks without response from Parrot technical support after creating a support case, I’m hoping that some of you may have sufficient experience with Sequoia to offer a solution or some advice.

After configuring our flight plans and camera options in the Atlas app, the mission is uploaded to our drone and the flight is flown. However, during the flight, after a number of successful captures, a large number of photographs are skipped (no photographs are taken when they should be). Upon examining the TIFF files, the last two sets (G,R,RE,NIR) of image files are corrupt.

Additionally, the last entry in the sequoia_diag.dat file is in regards to writing the RED TIFF of capture #360 (there is no entry for the GRE TIFF), but the GRE TIFF for #360, and all four TIFFs for 361 were written just fine. #362 and #363 had files written, but they were corrupt. Then the images pick up again just fine at #367, but not a single line is added to the diagnostics file right through to the end of the flight.

Has anyone ever had their Sequoia skip a large number of files or straight-up stop writing info to the diagnostics log? Does anyone have any idea why this might happen?

If you’re curious, the full diagnostics log is available at: