Sequoia Timestamps and missing XML Packet tags

I recently obtained a Sequoia camera with sunshine sensor for my eBee Plus. The first test mission I flew, would not process in Web ODM but did so in Pix4D. Upon looking for reasons why, I found two issues. Sets of four images GRE, RED, REG, NIR, that should have the same time stamp, did not in some cases. I edited this and got further along the process. The process would still not complete. On further investigation of the 618 images, I found three with no XML Packet tag. I could not seem to edit the XML Packet tags in EXIF Pilot, so I deleted the sets of images, where one or more had no XML tags. this resulted in the process completing without problems. I think I understand why the different time stamps- too rapid image collection / overlap for the altitude. SD card writing is delayed, so time stamp is different. But what are the XML packet tags and why are they missing on just three images?

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