Setup (USB to Ethernet port) driver

Dear @Parrot Team!
I’m a 4th year student and I have a project associated with a ARDrone 2.0. I do not get the data transfer by wifi, since I use image processing and orient the drone based on its results. I read a variety of topics and came to the conclusion that it’s possible to send commands: land/takeoff/reset and so on only by using AT commands. (if it is not so, then I would like to know what are the possible options. I am interested in managing through the SDK). So I decided to connect the adapter(USB to Ethernet) and connect drone with raspberry pi by ethernet cable to sent at commands by cabel and process everything on raspberry pi without delays. But there was a problem. Dron does not support connecting third-party adapters. I found this link. But I dont have kernel config.
If it’s not difficult for you, could you tell me what to do? Or send a link to the config. I’m using D-Link DUB-E100 apter. It is compatible with the kernel 2.6.32.
I hope that you can advise something. My task is to send commands to a quadrocopter and also to receive them noе using wifi, but by cable, so that there is no noise.

Best regards,