Shell documentation to perform arithmetic operations


Hello, everyone.

I am not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask about this particular subject, so I apologize beforehand if it isn’t.

I am currently working in an application to run under the drone’s LINUX distribution with its shell, using the limited functions included until I ran into the predicament of using floating point arithmetic operations, common functions bc calculator, expr and awk seem to be limited or not installed within the distribution so the main question here is if there is documentation in the shell functions available within the drone or if this particular set of operations are uncompatible with the system.

I read the available shell scripts within the drone’s SO, being unable to find anything remotely similar to what I intend to do as most of them simply work realizing validations and comparisons. Therefore, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Product: AR Drone 2.2
Product version: 2.4.8
SDK version: Not applicable.