Simulator Error

I have a problem when trying to start parrot simulator. I really don’t know what’s going on. the first time I tried, ran very well, but noww is not. Could someone help me to understand and solve this problem?
I am usin .sphinx /…/bebop.drone

I : [2021-10-25 16:18:32] [info] asio handle_accept error: asio.system:125 (Operation aborted.)
I : [2021-10-25 16:18:32] [info] Error getting remote endpoint: asio.system:9 (Bad file descriptor)
I : [2021-10-25 16:18:32] [info] asio async_shutdown error: asio.system:9 (Bad file descriptor)
I : [2021-10-25 16:18:32] [error] handle_accept error: Underlying Transport Error
I : [2021-10-25 16:18:32] [info] Stopping acceptance of new connections because the underlying transport is no longer listening.

Thaks :smiley:

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