Sky Controller 2 - How to connect HDMI FPV Goggles to SC2?

Product: SkyController2 + Bebop2

Hello guys,
I’d like to connect FPV goggles HDZero to SkyController 2 via HDMI. Do I need USB to HDMI converter, or just the USB to HDMI cable adapter.

Thanks a lot.

the best way hooking up hdmi goggles is with the big black sky controller compatible with

I don’t think the converter will work

Thanks Phill,
that was to be expected after reading the video streaming topic. If I, by some miracle, stumble upon any other acceptable solution, I’ll post it here.
(Free flight pro as a source)

Much appreciating your input

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thanks , very nice of you, small question psst :shushing_face: if I would tell you that the bebop 2 has head tracking, up and down And left and right with a cheap vr goggle and ok sky controller has de wifi but you can easily upgrade uav lte and 4g
modem let me now greetings phill

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