SkyController 2 & iOS App submission



In the 3.10 release of the SDK, we added support for the SkyController 2. Supporting the SkyController 2 on a published iOS app requires a validation from our part under the MFI program, or your app will be rejected by Apple!


  1. If you’re building an Android app, you have nothing to do :wink:
  2. If your iOS app does not have support for the SkyController 2, you can keep the -lardiscoverywithouteacc linker flag, make sure that you don’t include the ExternalAccessory framework and that your app does not have any Supported external accessory protocol in its info.plist and your app will not require any validation.

In order to get your app approved under the MFI program, we will require the following informations:

  • Your application Bundle ID
  • The first version number that will support the SkyController 2
  • A description of your application (similar to what you put on the app store)
  • A description of the features available with the SkyController 2, which can help testing.

If you want to get your app validated, please send all of these informations as a private message to @Djavan & @Nicolas, so we can review it. We will also require a TestFlight access to at least one test build with SkyController 2 support (if your app does not have SkyController 2 support, please use the non-ExternalAccessory way described in the notes of this post).

The Parrot Developers Team