Skycontroller 2 now stopped working

Good morning all, sorry if this is the wrong group but I’m desperate now.
I have installed the softmod onto bebop 2 for 4g access.
Now I had the sc2p and had real issues trying to get it to work but I found some code that changes the file.
Now before you upload the code it says for sc2p only.
Anyway I’ve found my original sc2 (not sc2p) and forgot to take the code out.
Now I’ve uploaded it and the sc2 will not longer connect to my bb2 or my android via freeflight (it. Connects through freeflight to android but for about 5 seconds every minute or so.
Is there a way to access the sc2 without bb2 or freeflight to see what has happened and maybe access the file or do you experts think that something else is causing the problem.
Kind regards,