SkyController 2 Questions



I am currently trialling a few features with the Bebop 2 Power done and had a few questions, but mainly the questions are based on the SkyController 2.

I have connected a USB --> RJ45 adaptor to the SkyController 2 and have managed to get a live stream from the camera to a PC fine. It’s a little laggy, but think I can make this work quite well.

However, I wanted to know if it is possible to also overlay the live stream with the telemetry of Bebop 2 Power drone.

Also, I wanted to know if I am able to use a USB hub and connect a tablet/mobile and use FreeFlight Pro while streaming to the PC.

I am an IT Consultant by trade, but programming is new to me, so go easy if that is the answer!




If you want to overlay the live video with telemetry from the drone, you’ll need to have a full ARSDK client on your computer (i.e. telemetry is transmitted out of band with the video).

This has two major impacts:

  1. As the SkyController can only handle a single ARSDK client, you won’t be able to use FreeFlight Pro at the same time.
  2. We do not provide native desktop applications (but the SDK runs under Linux & macOS), so you would have to build your own application, including video decoding & overlay rendering. I’m not aware of any third party app which already does this.

As my “1.” point implied earlier: Yes, you can use an USB Hub to connect both your USB-Ethernet adapter and an Android phone or tablet to the SkyController 2, with full FreeFlight Pro support. This does not work for iOS devices due to electrical requirements (you cannot have a hub between the controller & the phone)



Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for your reply. I feel a lot more informed now.

So, to confirm I have this right (sorry!)…

I could connect a USB Hub to the SkyController 2. One port going to the RJ45 adaptor and another port to an Android device. By doing this, I could stream the video feed (with no telemetry data) to a Windows PC and also utilise FreeFlight Pro on the Android device.

What I couldn’t do is stream to the Windows PC and have the telemetry data and also use FreeFlight Pro at the same time.

Is this right?



Yes, exactly.



Thank you very much for confirming.


So the SkyController 2 now supports a computer connecting over a USB-Ethernet adapter and using the SDK to both see video and control the drone as it would directly over wifi? And not use the SkyController 2 controls or a smartphone app at all? Was this upgrade announced in more detail somewhere, since this post?