Skycontroller2 source code for version 1.0.9

Product: SkyController2]
Product version: 1.0.9
Use of libARController: NO

I’m looking for the kernel source code used in skycontroller2. I can see it’s available in , but I don’t think that matches the version running on version 1.0.9 of the firmware. Not only because of the mismatch in the version numbers, but because when building a kernel module it complains about different modversions in symbol module_layout. Even after using exactly the same config, it still complains about that.

My end goal is to be able to add a separate kernel module to simply allow already-supported usb-ethernet devices to be probed by the asix driver. Currently I have a device that I know is supported, but its vid/devid are not in there. This should be very straightforward to do, but since the symbols diverge in their modversions (and the kernel used in SC2 doesn’t allow force-loading), it’s not possible to load the module.