SLAM DUNK behavior on losing track


Hey guys,

Could someone tell me how SLAM DUNK handles losing track.

Is there a ROS topic that publishes the SLAM accuracy or reliability information?



There is the /quality topic which publish quality messages ( with stamp information.

There are some nodelets which consume pose and quality as an example:


Hey, thanks for replying. I have a follow up question.

what does slamdunk do if the quality is bad or lost?

does it keep publishing unreliable pose data(using just odometry maybe?) or does it stop publishing slam data altogether?


The SLAM relies on the IMU sensors when the quality is bad/lost but at some points it can restarts anew if it is totally lost.
A pose should always be published and the quality can be used to decide what to do with the data.


Thank you, that helps.

I have opened another issue ,hope someone can help me solve that.