Smooth camera tilt on bebop 1?

Hey everyone. New bebop pilot here. I want to have smooth tilt on my bebop one however it was only added on the bebop 2 with firmware 4.2.0. Is it possable to flash the bebop one with bebop 2 firmware?
If so could I flash it with any bebop 2 firmware or just 4.2.0. would there be any coding involved I ask because I have not been coding for a while and I only knew basic c sharp and python but I am willing to learn. If there is an easyer or another way of getting the same result I would be all for it

You cannot flash the bebop 2 firmware onto the Bebop 1.

Hey Synam. Do you know of any other way the same effect can be achieved? My thoughts are to look at how the Dev team did it on the bebop 2 and then emplament it in the same or similer manner on the bebop firmware in my case 4.0.6

via the SDK you can get close to approximating velocity control but it will only be as fast as the hardcoded movement speed for pan/tilt.

Be sure to send non-ack requests and leverage a callback listener for camera orientation changes.

The idea here is pretty basic:

  • Identify target x/y coordinates within min/max pan/tilt values
  • Via a predefined step (try 1 to 20 depending on the speed you want to achieve), increment x/y movement towards your target using your step as an offset while setting camera orientation.
  • When the camera reaches or exceeds your calculated step offset, recalculate it using the new current position.
  • Continue in this step loop until the camera reaches your target orientation

Hey. Sorry I had not responded I have done surgery on my bebop camera. Perhaps the hardcoded movement can be changed to a smaller value. I’ve been doing more research into the bebop and now realize it is more complex then I have thought at first. From my understanding drogon prog is the responsable form most things the bebop does. I know this is not some thing easily done but I know it must be possable. Is dragon prog responsible for camera user inputs if not what part of the firmware is?

P’S Thank you for all the help thus far it really means a lot :slight_smile:

The firmware has a number of components, including the OS itself. dragon is part of it, but it is at the top of the stack on the drone acting as the intermediary between the ARSDK protocol network commands / events and the underlying hardware.

If you want to talk to the drone you need to do it over ARSDK, as in using the Parrot consumer SDK. You can’t just decouple one piece… Look at dragon as a monolith that sits on top of everything else drone side.

Well then I think the first step is the get the SDK. Probably a very easy task to do but it is not very self explanatory for a compleat beginner. I’m going to figure it out tomorrow because it’s late and i’m tierd :sleeping: