SOS Need help maintaining Mission Item Executed state during flight


I am flying waypoint missions with multiple Bebop 2’s and need to maintain an accurate state of mission item executed events [1].
I am missing messages when operating at the range limit of the vehicle and it is causing my system to fail. The network connectivity is poor because of my environment and is very lossy.

I need some way to poll the last mission item executed state.

  1. Is there a log file onboard the Bebop that maintains this info? What is the variable name of so? I can write an onboard program to echo it to the base station

  2. Is there a way to poll the mission execution state?

  3. Is there another variable I can use to maintain mission state?



How does everyone track the state of the drone while it is flying when there is the possibility of missing state transitions?


I’ve only ever listened for the mission item executed event. I agree it would be cool if we had some state data related to mission status.


Devs, is there anything onboard the Bebop 2 that can be used for reading the current mission item being executed?

I am trying to synchronize the flight between two drones and in poor network environments my application just halts due to missing these events.

Thanks for getting back to me, synman.



I would expect others here to have the same problem. Does anyone here fly waypoint missions with their drones?


Hi Parrot Devs,
Do you have any pointers for polling the current waypoint while the drone is flying a waypoint mission?