Source code for AR.FReeflight 2.4 for the ARDrone

Good Day Everyone.

I have the source code for AR.Freeflight 2.0 as fond in the SDK 2.0.1 but I see there is an AR.Freeflight 2.4 but I cant find the source code anywhere. I find the latest SDK 3 for later devices and the ARDrone 2 is not listed as a device working with it.

So there seems to be a gap in the SDK availability. Is this correct ? Is Parrot holding back the source for AR.Freeflight 2.4 for some reason ? I figure perhaps they want payment for Director mode and therefore do not want to make the source available.

The main reason I am interested in the code is because I want to be able to give the drone flyto co-oridnates commands and make it use some other GPS than the standard one. I need the GPS commands. I don’t think that is present in SDK 2.0.1. I need to be able to get the drone to read GPS co-ordinates from my device.

My only alternative is to create all the autonomous flight code myself. And as easy as the concept is getting that done is a long job…

parrot has not firelight 2.4 sdk. and in my case, the ardor 2.0 sdks has a lot of problems. when i complied the code, only works the first time that I use it on the iOS, the second time the app doesn’t work.

search is your friend

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Good morning skybob, could you please pass me the source code of AR.Freeflight 2.4