Stale sensor data in garden_locations_status API action

I’m trying to query my Flower Power device’s recently-uploaded data, and unless I’m misunderstanding the purpose of the /sensor_data/v4/garden_locations_status API action, it’s not returning accurate data for the sensors. The current_value data is inaccurate and doesn’t seem to change over time, despite the last_processed_upload_timedate_utc and last_sample_upload values being recent.

I tried querying /sensor_data/v2/sample/location/:location_identifier for the most recent sensor data, but this does not include light/moisture levels.

How would I go about getting the most-recently-uploaded values for light/moisture?

Edit: PEBCAK, I didn’t recognise the values returned by sensor_data. par_umole_m2s = light level, vwc_percent = moisture level. I’d argue that the API documentation should be updated to reflect this, neither of those are obvious as light/moisture sensors when the garden_locations_status method names them as obvious light/moisture values.

Regardless, it does appear that garden_locations_status returns stale data.