Starting part of drone lab for research purpose

Dear Parrot developers,

Please, i would like to ask for your recommendation on what are the compatible hardware, firmware, and software that can be bought as a starting lab for UAV/drone field research such that:

Not only suitable for using it in different applications, but also and mainly for the scientific research purpose, i.e. open source, programmable, we can implement, modify, and test existing as well as our designed networking protocols/fanet (routing, MAC, topology,…), path planning protocols for multi and single drone, and research in the communication protocols between the drone and the ground station.

If possible, contains products not only suitable for beginners, but also for the medium and high level of experience with drones and their networks (with identification of each level products please).

It is better to include localization and Obstacle Sensing capabilities (collision avoidance mechanisms).

Available for it documentation and support

For indoor and outdoor environments

As it will be a part of a lab, it is better to reduce the cost as possible as it could be.

It is important to make sure that their batteries are available in Egypt, and that any spare components and maintenance are also available

Many thanks in advance.