Strange behaviour after update to new Android App


yesterday morning, my Android App was upgraded to the new version 3.1.10, forcing me to upgrade the firmware on all my sensors to 2.0.2 (previously 1.1.1). After upgrading one of them in the morning, I went to work and upgraded all other sensors in the evening. During that time, my node-js cloud-bridge (an early version) collected data from all sensors but the already upgraded one, and pushed them to the cloud service. In the evening, I installed the official node-flower-bridge which works with both the 1.1.1 and the 2.0.2 firmware on the sensors.

Using the CSV-Dump python script I can verify that the data between morning (upgrade of the first sensor) and the evening (upgrade of the other sensors) is all there, no gaps. In the Android app, however, all data in that period is missing (except for data from the first upgraded sensor). Furthermore, while node-flower-bridge is still successfully harvesting new data which I have complete access to with the CSV-Dump tool, the Android app will always report last sync to be hours in the past until I sync from the Android app.

It appears as if the new Android App uses a different cloud server or at least a set of data apart from what node-flower-power has access to. Unfortunately, the release notes for the new app mainly mentions the new user experience (which is really great as far as the visual appearance goes - BLE connectivity is a major regression compared to the previous version!).

Are there any plans to make node-flower-bridge work with the new service, or get it back in sync with the data the Android app uses? I can live with the bad BLE performance of the app, having my 3 node-flower-bridge raspberries for data harvesting. I certainly hope future plans include the node-flower-bridge, given my plans for purchasing more of your sensors.

Are there any release notes for the new sensor firmware version 2.0.2? When will the BLE specifications be updated to document the new characteristics this firmware version introduces?


Hi Andy,
Same remarks on IOS with the new version and updated firmware.
I also notice a significant shift in the water level between the old value (always available on which looks well synchro.
Perhaps they apply future upgrade to new server…

Hi Bertrand,

yes, there are differences in the water levels between the data on the ‘old’ api server and what the New App is showing. Affects also the minimum levels for watering. I’m still waiting for someone from Parrot to react to my post. Hopefully it won’t take a few months as it did with my last questIon.


Yes they are probably working on it, however for me the SMS are well working from the site :wink: But also hope that it will be corrected in few time and probably in short time with the commercialization of Pot :wink: (which is actually at the IFA)

Yes, it seems to me this firmware and app upgrade are not a total success!

Water level and fertilizer level seem to be unreliable. I get 85% water level today from the app and 60% from the server, whereas it was, before the upgrade, going down from 50% to 35% or so. This is especially weird since the plant concerned hasn’t been watered for over two weeks and the soil feels dry. Is the soil moisture going up??? I expected values around 25% or so.

Historical values (graphs) are also far higher than before and also considerably higher than on the web interface, which, by the way, stopped updating on the day of the upgrade, no new values having been added since.

The data on the app are showing several ‘holes’, periods for which no values are available, which were not there before the upgrade, so not all data have been transferred to the new app/server.

Fertilizer level is even less reliable than soil moisture. Values below minimum and even below zero seem to be reported, especially for the last couple of day.

I hope they are working on bug fixes, since at this moment there is no added value to owing the Flower Power (which until September 1, seemed to have been abandoned by Parrot).