Streaming address of Mambo FPV for videoprojection



I need to project what sees the Mambo FPV cam on a videoprojector. Can you send me the address of the wifi FPV videostreaming ? If it is possible.

Thank you in advance.

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To get the video stream, open connect to the Mambo’s wifi and then open this url rtsp:// with VLC or another video program that supports rtsp.
You should be able to see the video stream.



Can we also capture the video using the ARStream protocol? Our FPV just arrived and I was assuming it was streaming using the same protocols as in the documentation but perhaps that is not true? If it is updated, do you have new documentation?



The SDK for that is not ready for the moment. I’ll get back to you when it is.


Thanks! I’ll get working on the RTSP stream. It looks like that can be loaded into opencv which is what I want anyway.


Got this working over the weekend! I can see images from the mambo into opencv on my raspberry pi. Hooray :slight_smile: Now to get image processing going and I’ll update my package for others to use.


Djavan, what is the frames per second for that stream? I’m having issues because opencv is buffering the images so I’m trying to make a thread to process images and a thread to just always grab the latest and save it.


@Djavan Is there a way to change the FPS? Whatever it is (see previous question), it is overwhelming to the Pi. My MacBook can handle it but the pi cannot. If I can set the FPS somehow, I think I can make it work at a level that is acceptable. Thanks!


Video stream is 30fps and there is no way to lower that parameter.


@Djavan Thanks. Will there be a way to change it at all in the upcoming SDK release?


Great thanks for the info :slight_smile:


@Djavan Thanks for the stream adress, I can display it on my PC with quite good latency using gstreamer but the 30fps limitation makes it feels very laggy compared to analog FPV.
Is there any chance that you increase FPS of this cam ? Software patch or maybe a v2 cam ?



You can’t get more than 30fps on the actual Mambo fpv.
I can’t make any comment (because I have no idea) about any future evolution of the Mambo accessories.