Suggestion for Bebop Thermal for Fire brigades


Not sure if this is the right place to post this. Please let me know if there is some other place for Fire Brigade usage of the Bebop Thermal.

It would be a good thing to have an easy to use triangulation feature in the app. When looking for forest fires it is often hard to know where it is. Instead of flying to the spot it would be faster to triangulate the position. For example like this:

  1. Press a button to start triangulation.
  2. Fly to position 1 (Probably just over your head) and aim the Bebop at the smoke.
  3. Fly to a new position a couple of hundred meters away and repeat step 2
  4. Show positions where the two lines meet and give an option to email or text the position to a predetermined receiver.

Of course there can be a lot more options in this process, but this would be a good start.


If I follow correctly you want to be able to do distance calculations to extrapolate the target coordinates.

I doubt this can be accomplished easily. You may be better off just using a map with the drone position overlayed … Allow the drone to do its estimation, which could be wildly inaccurate, override by dragging a pin, so to speak, and go from there.

Why cant you just let the drone fly to the location? It could (somewhat) reliably track to it via heat and visual recognition until the camera orientation is such that it is literally on top of the target. Then the drone could simply broadcast ita location, complete with photos / etc.

I doubt you’ll see Parrot engage here. This forum is geared towards developers using Parrot hardware / software to develop their own stuff.

Feature requests tend to get routed back to the community forims.


Yes almost like you say. But using the bearing instead of distance calculations. Using bearing then it would be pretty simple trigonometry and extrapolating coordinates. The big advantage is that while the fire vehicles is on their way the commander can stop a good distance away and pinpoint theposition in this way. Not having to get close enough and then have everybody wait for the Bebop to do its job.

Aha I see, they are hard to get a hold of. Thats a pity, This feature would be very handy.

Thanks for replying.


I guess that might work once translated to real world coordinates

Now you’ve got me thinking


Ha ha, god to hear, please keep me updated if you have some thoughts! :slight_smile:


If only I had a thermal sensor to play with lol. Yeah dude, piece of cake.


This could be really cool the more I think about it.

Once the coordinates are calculated control software could generate a mavlink file setting the coordinates as a POI, orbit around it using a predefined radius and altitude curve.

Fly home and give you a really cool video of the area.


Now we are talking.

I would be happy with a possibility to email or text the POI but this gives it one more dimension.