Touch and fly dangerous



I often use “touch-and-fly” mode. There are 2 features: 1 touching a point on map and the drone flies there 2 touching and hold a point on map mark it as POI and camera keeps focus on POI.

When the 2 feature is very useful, because it allows us to easy flying around POI with smooth circle path. You can just move the drone left or right and camera still keeps the focus on POI. You can easily change the altitude of POI. Very helpful.

But the 1 feature IS VERY DANGEROUS, because even when you accidentally touch the screen the drone start to fly to this new point IMMEDIATELY without any prior warning or question, by the shortest path, certainly. You have many opportunities to touch the screen accidentally, because you want to change POI altitude, you want to zoom the map, you want to change exposition values and just tap the screen in wrong part. So many opportunities.

See what’s happened (happy to be finished, no damages).

I can only suggest, the 1 feature should be locked to some kind of second confirmation before its activated. Like a popup menu with OK button. Its a mistake of minds in developing of FF6.