Transparency in monochrome bands


This is my first topic in this forum.
I am applying sequoia+ for close range image capturing (not on UAV). Leaves is my target.

I am doing the experiment to take a photo of leaves in nadir view, 70 cm. to 200 cm. height from the target.
Leaves will be put on a panel, the materials of panel are a rough paper and a flannel with flat black color.

For the environment of the experiment,

  • outdoor experiment
  • sun is the only lisght source, light can be from surround angles
  • a panel is far from the ground about 40 cm.
  • used single shot capturing

The question is…
I found that, leaves are transparent and I can see the object behind the leaves in strong sun light condition ( you will see 2 stripes of tapes in the images). “ How to deal with the problem or any suggestions about sequoia setting up?

I attached the sample tiff images here.
(I have to do single image processing, calibrating, and converting reflectance after this.)

Please kindly suggest me, I am still very new to this kind of application. If there are any related topic or any person doing similar things, please kindly contact me.

Thank you very much in advanced.