Trying to set WEP security mod => can`t connect to wi-fi anymore and no shell access via UART

Product: [Bebop/Bebop2]

hi there,
I’ve similar bricks after having tempted to add a wep security (see Bebop2 mac address filtering got wrong - can`t connect to wi-fi / no shell access via UART )
I’ve search for any firmware downloading through USB or UART and found nothing relevant to reflash the Bebop from scratch.

Apparently one special USB cable can be done to be OTG between the bebop and a laptop yet I had no chance to find a schematic or picture of it.

Can someone tell me how to do it and how to reflash the firmware please ?
thanks in advance for any help

edit :

ALL DONE ! I’ve done a usb with pin-id soldered to VCC and followed Julien Beraud procedure ! Bebop2 Flashing - ArduCopter - ArduPilot Discourse

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