TUTORIAL: Recommendations for custom USB cables


Please find here our recommendations to create your custom USB cables for your Sequoia camera.

Specification of usb cable camera to drone.pdf (407.7 KB)

Specification of usb cable camera to sunshine.pdf (426.2 KB)



Hello @clement.fallet, I intereste in do my own cable usb. It is because I having problems connecting the sequoia camera with the wifi. I neither can do the configuration. But the camera works by the PTPy library.
For this reason. I will want to connect the camera to a raspberry-pi. but the raspberry-pi dosen’t have a 2.4 amp required for the camera. for this reason. I was thinking in the possibility to connect the camera by a custom USB cable. Wish maybe, it can give me the possibly to give power supply to the camera by a battery and signal by another output to the raspberry.

do you know a project similar to this one?



Hi @jstarsk
We are routinely using this kind of split cable for our own development

You can easily separate VBUS and D+/D- on two different connectors so you can connect one to a power supply and the other to a regular USB. One would be a standard USB (for the data) and the other just VBUS and GND.

Best regards


Thanks @clement.fallet.


Hi Clement,

I’m thinking of soldering the wires directly into the sunshine, excluding the connector. Because, I believe it is bad contact, and with the wind it gets worse.
Could I solder the cable wires directly into the sensor?


Hi @fernando3

This is not something we would recommend since the warranty would obviously be voided.
However, you can solder the wires directly if you are familiar with the USB pin out.


Hi @fernando3,
Did you end up soldering the wires directly to the sunshine sensor?
I too am experiencing bad contact problems between the camera and sunshine sensor and so are many people in the Parrot Sequoia community. I’ve found this problem persists mainly with rotary UAV systems (high frequency vibration issues?)
Any insights would be much appreciated.
Very best


I didn’t solder, i bought other parrot cables. Solved my problems on the 20 flights… now, returned to give the same problem and stop taking pictures in the flight.
Sequoia has many errors yet, i use it in a multi-rotor. This week i’ll do the soldering of the cables and i’ll tell you.


This sounds great.
If you would be able to take some pictures or video that would be fantastic.
We are troubleshooting things on this end also so we’ll keep you posted on any developments this week also.
It’d be great to find a permanent solution to this problem.


Perfect! thanks! coelho.fernando@yahoo.com.br or facebook.com/fernandocoelhoe


@fernando3 ,

We have replaced the cables to the sunshine sensor with a custom cable and still have issues.

Other possible issues causing problems are:
-Electromagnetic interference from the props/motors, sol: putting the sunshine sensor on a mast
-Inflight voltage drop, sol: 6 Volt, 3 Amp, 15 watt BEC integration into UAV power supply
-Weak connections at Micro USB ports, sol: Soldering to the pins, using https://www.conrad.com/ce/en/product/065293/Electrical-contact-cleaner--------KF----F2-Special-contacts----1001 solution, or some caulking product to fasten the micro usb’s in place. Hi frequency vibrations caused by motors could cause these random power losses. By using a sponge to encase the cable wherever it’s secured to the drone could improve this.
-Use custom cables that aren’t stiff so that vibrations aren’t as aggressive
-Overheating from limited airflow, sol: use thermal paste and channel the heat effectively for your platform

These are all just shots in the dark though. I have a feeling this is a bigger issue then all of these.
These cameras work fine with our ebee’s it’s only now that we are integrating on non-parrot UAV systems that we are experiencing these difficulties.

Any further luck on your end?



Has anyone ever attempted powering the Sunshine sensor independently from the main body of the camera to optimize the amount of power getting to both the camera and Sunshine sensor and isolate whether its an issue with power side of the pin out from camera? If anyone has ever tried, I’m curious to know the results if exif data was still dropping on some flights.


I have done a set-up identical to the one posted above by @clement.fallet but for Sunshine with a USB micro A/B connector instead of the USB A.

Parrot’s provided cables (or any cables that match the specification in the OP) work fine, though.


I also thought that this would be a great idea. I have not had the opportunity to build such a cable and it is not my expertise. However this possible solution could do a lot for the sequoia. Reduced power consumption in the camera dcdc converter would reduce thermal issues in the camera body as well as allow for a lighter cable to the camera in gimbaled scenarios.

One of the big questions for Parrot would be: If the sun-sensor was supplied with an independent 5V (from an external regulator) Do the 5V lines still need to be connected from the camera to the sensor? (or can only the data and shield lines be connected?)


Data and ground are sufficient.
No need to connect VBUS, when it is provided independently on both sides.