Unstable power supply to Raspbeery Pi from Bebop 2 Power USB

Product: [Bebop/Bebop2] Bebop 2 Power

I am trying to supply power to Raspberry Pi Zero from Bebop 2 Power
USB port. However the power supply seems to stop every few seconds
so that my Raspberry Pi keeps stopping at the beginning of the booting process.
I saw a thread in this forum says power supply to Raspberry Pi is possible.
However something different is happening to my drone.

Any idea on this?


I’ve tried myself with a RPi Zero, but as explained in this thread, it is not feasible to carry the full-sized RPi due to its weight. Some users do use a portable battery.

Thank you for your response!
I am also trying Raspi Zero, but my problem here is power supply.
My Babop batteries seem not to be able to supply power and I am wondering
whether this is the spec or my own problem.
If some users use a portable battery, it seems my solution is attaching
portable battery to my Bebop 2.