[Update] Firmware version 1.4.1 for Parrot Sequoia


Dear Sequoia Community members,
A new version of firmware is released, version 1.4.1. This new version adds some missing tags in previous version and some features for optimal integration in Disco Pro-Ag.
Please use this thread to share feedbacks or discuss about this version.
When sharing with other community members, please share the maximum informations available :

1 - collect everything you can get on the integration of the camera on the drone. Both electrical (power supply and cables) and mechanical (gimbal yes/no, fixed angle between the camera and the sunshine, vibration dampening, air flow allowed, extra active cooling)
2 – collect all the dat files from the flights (sequoia_param.dat and sequoia_diag.dat)
3 – some representative images acquired during those flights, no need to provide the entire dataset
4 – everything on the parameters of the flights, especially software used, smartphone/tablet/PC, ambient temperature

Thank you.


Hi Clement

Is there any documentation on the “some features for optimal integration…”? So that we can check whether these new features may be useful for us in integrating on our drones?


Hi @seanmcleod
These features are actually interoperability between the Disco Pro-Ag firmware and the Sequoia firmware.
To unlock those features, you actually have to use the Disco Pro.


Hi Clement,

This seems to be the same file as 1.3.2 both here and on the Sequoia Forum.



Hi all,

Problem is fixed, the correct plf was uploaded.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Hi @clement.fallet but don’t you think that some of these features if they were documented by Parrot would also be useful for integration on other drones?