Using cURL to get image frames from FPV



I am trying to read the video frames from the rtsp stream using libcURL libraries in C++.

Can someone tell me what is the data that is sent by the camera over this rtsp stream? Is it the RTSP frame or the image frame(H264) ?



I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question.


Sorry, I may have been too technical there.

I wanted to know the format of the video frames being transmitted by the drone’s FPV camera.
I was reading through another post in the forum and got to know that it’s an H264 frame packet.

Thanks for the reply @Djavan


Video stream of the Mambo FPV is sent using RTSP+RTP.
The frames sent (inside the RTP packets) are h264 encoded.


I want to get h264 frame in bebop 2. what method can be use. open device or using api ?
Does anybody know that method ?

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You can try using cURL libraries in C to read the RTSP frame and then extract out the H264 payload from the received RTP packet


Thanks,srijith-vijay . So I have to connect to rtsp server to get the h264 bitstream. Is there method skip this step to get h264 bitstrem.



The H264 bitstream forms the payload of the RTP packet. So you will need to get the RTP data first, remove the 12 bytes of RTP headers and then get the H264 bytestream