Using Fatshark's with Bebop 2 How?


I just got a Parrot Bebop 2, I had FatShark goggles for others Quads and would like to use with the Bebop 2. Problem, FatSharks, are 5.8G and Bebop 2 uses Wifii to send to Smart Phones or Tablets. Is there an adapter module for FatSharks anyone knows of? is there a Wifi to 5.8G repeater ? I found that Lieberr makes one from 5.8 to Wifi, but not the other way around. Any Ideas?
My FatSharks will accept RF receiver modules, but I can’t seem to find an appropriate module, Tried Google, searched Hobby King and many others. My Parrot Skycontroller is the new 2 verison, which eliminated the HDMI, FatSharks, have HDMI input also.
Any Help appreciated.


You can connect the Skycontroller 2 with a tablet or Smartphone that has an HDMI output and then drive the Fatshark via HDMI